2dCon Edition Out!

Hey Itch,

The Post-2dCon edition of Dwelling Part 0 is out! 2dCon was a lot of fun, and I met a lot of people. Participating at this convention has inspired me to continue development on Dwelling, so expect to see a more appropriate "Part 1" on the horizon.

The changes I made for 2dCon were a variety of feedback and storytelling features. Players of Dwelling often felt confused by 

1) how long the experience was

2) what they're purpose was, motivation, character, story, etc

3) what they ought to do

After 2dCon, I had a lot of playtesting and some bugs to fix, so I made many changes to make the game's experience more consistent. 

The bigge list of changes are as follows:

  • Added dialogue in the hallways
  • Made cutscenes more 'stricter'
  • Added checkpoint text to give the player an idea of progress
  • Added dialogue noises!
  • Boss can now be hit on the head with bombs
  • Made bugs easier to eat
  • Wall sliding is different / more intuitive
  • Bombs do not scale with head while held, fixing other issues
  • Mantis enemies no longer slide off ledges
  • Boss now stomps and shakes the screen!
  • Flying bugs are now in the boss room to better communicate objective'
  • Made Genevis's appearance less risky.
  • Changed intro text
  • New bomb particles
  • Better green blood particles

Thanks for all of the people who've played and engaged with me on Dwelling thus far! Stay tuned for more Dwelling news!


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Sep 07, 2019

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