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Need a casual but skillful 4-player game to spice up your evening? Download Dunkatron today! 

Dunkatron is a competitive twin stick shooter currently boasting 13 weapons and 17 player skins. 

Unique to the game are ally robots that can be deployed to serve different purposes. 5 maps have been made so far for Dunkatron, with more on the horizon.

  • Controls (Expecting gamepads -- Players 1 and 2 can use keyboard if needed)
    • Left Stick - Move / Right Stick - Shoot
    • Left/Right Bumper - Switch Gun
    • X - Deploy robot
    • A - Pick up gun

I'd appreciate any bug reports posted in the comments section so I can fix them. If you have ideas for Dunkatron, feel free to drop them below.

Most of the game is me, code, sound, some artwork, but I had some help along the way

Come check out my instagram if you wanna see what I'm busy working on!

Here are the artists who helped me out on a lot of the sprites:



Give em' a shoutout or check out what they're working on!

I hope you enjoy fra- er... DUNKING your friends in this fun ongoing project.



  • Locked framerate at 60 


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Dunkatron_Build1_0_1Win.zip 45 MB
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Dunkatron_OST.zip 13 MB
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